Zoot Enterprises provides sophisticated realtime credit decisioning
and workflow solutions to financial institutions across the globe.

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The core of all of Zoot’s solutions is our hosted realtime decisioning service. That service is capable of executing incredibly complex business logic and delivering sub-second results. Combined with our global data integration hub of more than 95 data and service providers and suite of business user tools, Zoot’s software platform enables our clients to build a huge variety of customised end solutions including:


Instant Account Opening


Loan Origination


Risk Management


Customer Interaction Management


Tools & Services

Realtime Decisioning Service

Zoot’s realtime decisioning service is designed to process virtually any type of business logic—rules, attributes, scorecards, optimisation algorithms—and return a response in a matter of seconds. The service is delivered through our hosted environment—distributed across multiple data centres worldwide and engineered to reliably and securely process billions of transactions per year.

Business User Tools

Zoot’s suite of tools is built to work hand in hand with our realtime decisioning service. They enable our clients’ business users to configure exactly how their platform works—business rules, workflow processes, calls to data and service providers—without any assistance from Zoot or internal IT.

Data Integration Hub

Zoot’s data integration hub is a collection of pre-built connections to more than 95 data, analytics, and technology providers around the globe. Through one of our business user tools, clients can literally drag and drop calls out to any of those providers into their platform. This enables Zoot’s clients to creatively combine our capabilities with the capabilities of our partners to create a more valuable and differentiated end solution.



For over 20 years, Zoot has delivered sophisticated solutions that meet our clients’ needs exactly. Our flexible technology has enabled us to pioneer some of the most innovative software solutions in the financial industry
and has led to long-term relationships with the world’s largest banks, auto manufacturers, retailers, and online
payment providers.

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